Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Is Ann from Account Services an Al-Qaeda Fund Raiser? Can the NSA Find Her?

I've been receiving robocalls from Ann at Account Services again. Haven't heard from Rachel at Cardholder Services for a while so they must switch off. Anyway, I'm wondering why people have to put up with such a widespread and clearly illegal scam? If the NSA and the rest of the government is listening in on our calls and tapping our email, can't they figure out where "Ann' is calling from?

After reading the comments of people scammed by these hucksters and seeing how annoyed people are becoming, I question why this big intelligence capacity can't be put to use for something other than eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The scammers are clearly using spoofing devices and VOIP to make these calls. Can you honestly tell me the NSA can't figure out that one IP address making fifty thousand calls a day using a different phone number everyday is the source of this nonsense?

I think the scammers may be al-qaeda fund raisers. Does that help? Would that get the NSA interested? I've never been a proponent of Gitmo but for these criminals I'm willing to look the other way.

So come on, President Obama, do us a solid. We're paying for your great big spy network, how about getting the credit card scammers off our back?

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Ex-Westsider said...

I have a sneaking suspicion it's all being run by one of the President's major campaign contributors.