Sunday, May 05, 2013

We're Moving on, You Hoard Your Guns and Ammo

I've been reading a lot about gun control, how the NRA is having their annual gun-a-palooza, how guns can't be found on store shelves, how ammunition is being hoarded but mostly what I've noticed is how scared everyone is. People are gobbling up guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. People are buying the same semi-automatic rifles used in mass killings and all because they are afraid they won't be able to buy them later. How screwed up is that? What's even worse are the people who are hoarding these weapons because they want to be "as well armed as the police" because they may have to defend themselves against law enforcement officials who want seize their guns. I've got news for you, things are going to go on tomorrow. The sun is going to come up; cops will answer 911 calls, ambo drivers will still pick up sick people, the clerks at Subway will still make you a sandwich for lunch, truck drivers will still be on the road, the UAW will still make rolling Detroit steel and Fox News will still hate Obama. Society will carry on, one job at a time. We will all get up and go to work, to school, and carry on. This is how civilization works, all of us together, fulfilling our piece of the jigsaw puzzle. No one wants to fail individually so we will succeed collectively. Arming yourself for sport, for hunting or for self-defense is fine. We are well within our rights to do so. However, if you are spending big money in preparation for some coming government take over where you rise up and take on the black helicopters, you may want to re-think your approach to the problem. Get involved, volunteer, run for office, do something more useful than wasting time and money in preparation of something that will not occur. After all, the rest of us are counting on you to do your job.

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